Below are answers to frequently asked questions the ITMASS receives as a Disposal, Storage and Moving Company.


Do you move IT equipment on the weekend?
Typically we try to move equipment during normal business hours, however we are more than happy to accommodate weekend moves if required. 


If we store at your facility, can we have our items delivered in multiple shipments that may occur on separate dates?
Yes, ITMASS has done various work where staging is requested therefore we are happy to accommodate our clients needs in offering multiple deliveries for their shipment. Typically there is an additional charge associated with this service.


Do you provide overnight service?
ITMASS can provide our customers with not only overnight service, but SAME DAY service if requested and allowable. This service is naturally more expensive than our economy service, however we are more than happy to ship under these types of terms.


Can ITMASS support a multi-state rollout of a systems integration project that might include storage and delivery of IT products throughout the USA?
ITMASS's network of quality affiliates allows us to provide these services within each state of the USA. We will be happy to accommodate and assist you with these types of multi-location projects for storage and delivery to your clients.


Do you move PC's?
Yes, in fact, we not only move them, we can assist you in disconnecting and reconnecting the PC's. This service is not available at all locations so please request this service when placing your quote.


We recently purchased a number of flat screen monitors, can you handle them safely?
Yes, we have a system to bubble wrap the monitors and move them in a computer bin with dividers keeping the flat screens immobile during transport.



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IT Moving Services: Move IT the right way with our Custom Moving Options, Computers and Electronics Shipping, Industrial and Corporate Relocation Services, Full Domestic and International Service, Air Ride Equipment, Packaging options including Packing and Crating, Bubble Wrap and Blanket Wrap, Custom Delivery Options include Same Day, Overnight and Economy Service, Free Freight Quotes and Freight Quote Options, Full Moving Services. Move IT today with ITMASS.


IT Storage Services: Multiple Warehousing and Storage Solutions, Packaging equipment, Storage moving, Nationwide Storage facilities, Consolidation Center Services, Long Term Storage, Short Term Storage, Redelivery Options, Packing and Crating.


IT Disposal Services: Computer Disposal, Recycling, Asset tracking, Used Computer Resale, Used Equipment Resale, Used Heavy Equipment Resale, Used Medical Equipment Resale, Used Printing Equipment Resale, Computer Recycling including Used Computers & Used Computer Parts, Logistic management, Other Asset Liquidation Services, Computer Monitor Disposal, Data Wipe Services, Free Disposal Quotes.


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