International & Container Shipping
International & Container Shipping


ITMASS uses the strengths of our affiliate, All Points Container Line, for international shipping requests. ITMASS can take advantage of our volume pricing as well as utilize All Points network of quality container movers that provide expert international shipping services including multiple delivering and packaging options to meet any of your international shipping requirements. Click here to contact our representative or call us directly at 1-877-816-1664.


General Services Offered:


Customer Options:  multi container, specialized storage container, air or sea shipping container, international shipping, priority container shipping, international shipping quote, pre-haulage, warehousing, packing and crating, stuffing, ocean freight/air freight, tracking, house B/Ls documentation, electronic filing of SED (Shipper's Export Declaration) documentation


Professional Pick Up/ Delivery Options:

  • packing: can provide proper packaging for shipping.

  • stripping: can provide breakdown of packaging and haul-away service at destination.


  • proper export / import documentation provided at time of booking.

  • foreign agent at destination provided

  • proper USA Customs Agency documentation provided at time of booking.

Depending on the time frame required, shipments can be:


Ocean:  Slower traveling option, yet completely safe for all properly packaged IT Equipment. 


Air: The desired mode of transport when cargo is in a rush. Completely safe transport option, yet more expensive. Depending on the time frame, or not sure of the time frame, May ITMASS Suggest quoting both Ocean and Air, therefore a cost comparison, time comparison can be made to come to the best option. * Feel free to request ITMASS to quote on both ocean and air so you can compare the cost and delivery options.

Collect Shipments:

Regrettably, based on today world climate, collect shipments can only be accepted on a case by case basis. Please enquire at time of Quote.

International & Container Shipping


ITMASS Offerings:


IT International Shipping: Move IT and electronics the right way with our Custom Moving and Trucking Options, Computers and Electronics Shipping, Industrial and Corporate Relocation Services, Full Domestic and International Equipment Shipping Service, Air Ride Trucking Equipment, Packaging options including Packing and Crating, Bubble Wrap and Blanket Wrap, Custom Transportation Logistics Delivery Options include Same Day, Overnight and Economy Shipping Service, Free Freight Company Quotes and Freight Quote Options, Asset Tracking, Full Logistics Moving Company Services, Shipping Insurance options. Move IT today with ITMASS.


Acer Products and Electronics International Shipping

ADM / Advanced Micro Devices International Shipping

Apple Inc. International Shipping

Beckman Coulter International Shipping

Boston Scientific International Shipping

Canon Printer and Copiers International Shipping

Cisco International Shipping

Copystar International Shipping

Dell Computers International Shipping

Dyonics International Shipping

EMachines Computers International Shipping

Fujitsu International Shipping

Gateway International Shipping

GE Healthcare International Shipping

Gestetner International Shipping

HP / Hewlett Packard Computers International Shipping

IBM Computers International Shipping

Johnson & Johnson International Shipping

Konica Minolta Printers and Copiers International Shipping

Kyocera Mita International Shipping

Lanier International Shipping

Medtronics International Shipping

Mindray International Shipping


NEC Computers International Shipping

Nortel Products International Shipping

Oki Printing Solutions International Shipping

Panasonic Electronics International Shipping

Philips Electronics International Shipping

Rex-Rotary International Shipping

Ricoh Printers and Copiers International Shipping

Samsung Electronics International Shipping

Savin International Shipping

Sharp Electronics International Shipping

Siemens AG International Shipping

Skytron International Shipping

Sony Electronics International Shipping

Spacelabs Healthcare International Shipping

St. Jude Medical Products International Shipping

Storz International Shipping

Sun Microsystems Servers and Computers International Shipping

Stryker International Shipping

TallyGenicom International Shipping

Toshiba Electronics International Shipping

Xerox Printers and Copiers International Shipping


IT Container Services: Over 120 Nationwide warehouse and storage facilities for Computer Equipment and Electronics, Multiple Warehousing and Storage Solutions, Equipment Packaging options including custom Packing and Crating , Storage moving, Nationwide Storage facilities staging management, Consolidation Center Services, Long Term Storage, Short Term Storage, Container Options, Multiple Pickup and Trucking Options, Redelivery Options for IT equipment and Computers, Packing and Crating, Warehouse Security, Warehouse to warehouse logistics moving, Free storage quotes.


Acer Products and Electronics Container Services

ADM / Advanced Micro Devices Container Services

Apple Inc. Container Services

Beckman Coulter Container Services

Boston Scientific Container Services

Canon Printers and Copiers Container Services

Cisco Container Services Container Services

Copystar Container Services

Dell Computers Container Services

Dyonics Container Services

EMachines Computers Container Services

Fujitsu Container Services

Gateway Container Services

GE Healthcare Container Services

Gestetner Container Services

HP / Hewlett Packard Computers Container Services

IBM Computers Container Services

Johnson & Johnson Container Services

Konica Minolta Printers and Copiers Container Services

Kyocera Mita Printers and Copiers Container Services

Lanier Container Services

Medtronics Container Services

Mindray Container Services


NEC Computers Container Services

Nortel Products Container Services

Oki Printing Solutions Container Services

Panasonic Electronics Container Services

Philips Electronics Container Services

Rex-Rotary Container Services

Ricoh Printers and Copiers Container Services

Samsung Electronics Container Services

Savin Container Services

Sharp Electronics Container Services

Siemens Container Services

Skytron Container Services

Sony Electronics Container Services

Spacelabs Healthcare Container Services

St. Jude Medical Products Container Services

Storz Container Services

Sun Microsystems Servers and Computers Container Services

Stryker Container Services

TallyGenicom Container Services

Toshiba Electronics Container Services

Xerox Printers and Copiers Container Services



IT Recycling / Disposal Services: Computer Disposal, Recycling, Asset tracking, Used Computer Resale, Used Equipment Resale, Used Heavy Equipment Resale, Container and Container Packing Options, Used Medical Equipment Resale, Used Printing Equipment Resale, Computer Recycling including Used Computers & Used Computer Parts, Multiple Pickup and Trucking Options, Logistic management, Asset Liquidation Services, Computer Monitor Disposal, Computer Recycling Data Wipe Services, Free Disposal Quotes.

Acer Products and Electronics Recycling / Disposal

ADM / Advanced Micro Devices Recycling / Disposal

Apple Inc. Recycling / Disposal

Beckman Coulter Recycling / Disposal

Boston Scientific Recycling / Disposal

Canon Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal

Cisco Recycling / Disposal

Copystar Recycling / Disposal

Dell Computers Recycling / Disposal

Dyonics Recycling / Disposal

EMachines Computers Recycling / Disposal

Fujitsu Recycling / Disposal

Gateway Recycling / Disposal

GE Healthcare Recycling / Disposal

Gestetner Recycling / Disposal

HP / Hewlett Packard Computers Recycling / Disposal

IBM Computers Recycling / Disposal

Johnson & Johnson Recycling / Disposal

Konica Minolta Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal

Kyocera Mita Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal

Lanier Recycling / Disposal

Medtronics Recycling / Disposal

Mindray Recycling / Disposal

NEC Computers Recycling / Disposal

Nortel Products Recycling / Disposal

Oki Printing Solutions Recycling / Disposal

Panasonic Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Philips Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Rex-Rotary Recycling / Disposal Service

Ricoh Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal

Samsung Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Savin Recycling / Disposal

Sharp Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Siemens Recycling / Disposal

Skytron Recycling / Disposal

Sony Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Spacelabs Healthcare Recycling / Disposal

St. Jude Medical Products Recycling / Disposal

Storz Recycling / Disposal

Sun Microsystems Servers and Computers Recycling / Disposal 

Stryker Recycling / Disposal

TallyGenicom Recycling / Disposal

Toshiba Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Xerox Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal



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