IT Moving And Storage Solutions (ITMASS) provides services including moving, storing and disposing of high technology and electronics equipment though a nationwide network of logistic and service providers. The web site provides the customer on-line quotes and allows the customer to purchase these services in a safe, secure and efficient manner.    

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The enrolled Customer, Shipper and/or Consignee (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Customer") agrees to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS which no agent or employee of the parties may alter. These TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall apply to this and all future shipments scheduled by Customer, unless and until these TERMS AND CONDITIONS are altered or amended by the ITMASS's issuance of new TERMS AND CONDITIONS which will be found at  

The General Rules Tariffs, set forth by the service providers, carriers and disposers (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Service Providers") used by ITMASS, will in every instance take precedence in all legal proceedings and when applicable, will take precedence over the ITMASS's TERMS AND CONDITIONS stated herein. If not stated within the service providers General Rules Tariff, ITMASS's TERMS AND CONDITIONS as stated herein shall control. In the case of conflict between the TERMS AND CONDITIONS contained herein and those set forth by the individual selected service providerís General Rules Tariff, the selected service provider's General Rules Tariff shall control. All Terms, including, but not limited to, all the limitations of liability, shall apply to the selected service provider and their agents and contractors.

ITMASS is a freight broker and NOT a freight carrier. ITMASS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse any shipment at any time.

Bills of Lading
All Bills of Lading are NON-NEGOTIABLE and have been prepared by the enrolled Customer or by ("ITMASS") as Customer's agent on behalf of the Customer and shall be deemed, conclusively, to have been prepared by the Customer and to bind Customer. Any unauthorized alteration or use of Bills of Lading or tendering of shipments to any carrier other than that designated by ITMASS, or the use of any Bill of Lading not authorized or issued by ITMASS shall VOID ITMASS' obligations to make any payments relating to this shipment and VOID all rate quotes.

Claims and Limitations of Liability
The carrier or service provider will offer insurance based on the ďDeclared ValueĒ of each item shipped. You should declare the full value of each piece to be shipped. Full value can be defined as the amount you have paid for the piece(s). If requested by the customer, ITMASS can act as the primary point of contact for claims and ensure that all claims are filed and processed in accordance with 49 C.F.R. 370. In this case, all claims should be submitted immediately to ITMASS to help ensure timely resolution. ITMASS will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist and cooperate with Customer to investigate and process any freight loss or damage claims and any claim for damage to our customer's property occurring in the course of the transportation or storage services rendered to such Customer. The liability for any cargo damage, loss, or theft from any cause shall be determined under the Carmack Amendment, 49 U.S.C. 14706.

The individual carrierís  / service providerís governing General Rules Tariff determines the Standard Liability Cargo Insurance coverage offered by all carriers. ITMASS , if requested, can assist in claims for visible transit and/or storage damage.  In the event there is damage to the cartons or crates and there is visible exterior damage to the item itself, a claim for the damages would be considered.  ITMASS or their Service Providers are not liable for any mechanical failure of any electronics or high technology product of any kind.

If the shipment contains freight with a predetermined Exception Value, as determined by the selected carrier, the maximum exception liability will override the otherwise standard liability coverage. ITMASS' liability for loss, delay or damage to shipper's goods extends only to the insurance coverage provided by its contingent carrierís cargo insurance. The maximum amount that Customer will receive on a claim will be that that which is recoverable under the respective transportation tariffs. ITMASS will not be responsible in any way for claims arising out of Customer negligence. ITMASS also has available for purchase by the Customer, upon request, Shipper's Interest Cargo Insurance. The filing of a claim does not relieve the responsible party for payment of freight, storage or other charges. This payment is necessary in order for a our carriers / service providers to process a claim. Customer may not offset freight, storage or other charges owed to ITMASS against claims for any loss, damage, mis-delivery or non-delivery. ITMASS has a lien on funds recovered through the processing of damage claims and reserves the right to apply recovery amounts to open past due invoices on account.

Customer's Warranties
The Customer is responsible for and warrants their compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations including but not limited to customs laws, import and export laws and governmental regulation of any country to, from, through or over which the shipment may be carried. Customer further warrants that it is registered and in compliance with the security plan and training requirements, and any amendments related thereto, related to hazardous materials, 49 C.F.R. #172.701-704, and 49 C.F.R. #172.800-804. Customer further warrants that it will immediately advise ITMASS in the event that its registration and/or compliance with these regulations expires or are terminated. The Customer agrees to furnish such information and documentation as necessary to establish its compliance with such laws, rules and regulations. ITMASS assumes no liability to the Customer or to any other person for any loss or expense due to the failure of the Customer to comply with this provision. Any individual or entity acting on behalf of the Customer in scheduling shipments hereunder warrants that it has the right to act on behalf of the Customer and the right to legally bind Customer. Customer agrees to indemnify ITMASS for any and all claims or damages incurred as a result of Customer's failure to comply with the provisions of this provision.

Documentation Required
The Customer is required to use the ITMASS service providerís generated Bill of Lading. If the Customer does not complete all the documents required for carriage, or if the documents which they submit are not appropriate for the services, pick up or destination requested, the Customer hereby instructs ITMASS and/or their designated service provider, where permitted by law, to complete, correct or replace the documents for them at the expense of the Customer. However, ITMASS and/or their designated service provider are not obligated to do so. If a substitute form of Bill of Lading is needed to complete delivery of this shipment and ITMASS and/or their designated service provider completes that document, the terms of this Bill of Lading will govern. ITMASS and/or their designated service provider are not liable to the Customer or to any other person for any actions taken on behalf of the Customer under this provision.

Forum Selection and Choice of Law
Any claim, dispute or litigation relating to these Terms and Conditions, any shipment, storage or disposal scheduled or tendered hereunder or through the ITMASS website, or relating to any and all disputes between ITMASS and the enrolled Customer, Shipper and/or Consignee and/or Brokers for any enrolled Customer, Shipper and/or Consignee, shall be filed in the District Court of Monmouth County, New Jersey or in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey in Trenton, NJ and shall be subject to New Jersey law.

Guaranteed Services
LTL Guaranteed Services are inclusive of transit times only as noted by the carrier selected. Guaranteed Service transit times do not include holiday and/or no service days as defined by the individual carrier. This service is not a guarantee for Pickup. Pickup Day is not included in the qualification and calculation of LTL transit time. The Customer is liable for all charges related to the shipment. In the event of carrier failure to comply with the guaranteed service requested, the Customer is permitted ten (10) business days from the actual delivery date of shipment to file a claim request in writing with ITMASS. If ITMASS does not receive a claim request or receives the request after the allowable ten (10) business days, the service provided by the LTL carrier will be deemed to have met all guaranteed service standards and the claim request will automatically be considered invalid and denied. In the event of carrier failure to comply with the guaranteed service requested and after the carrier has agreed to liability, ITMASS will credit the account of the said Customer. In no event shall ITMASS be liable nor will any account be credited if the Customer does not use the ITMASS or designated carrierís Bill of Lading.

Payment Terms
The customer price can include the follow types of services provided by ITMASS and ITMASSí Service Providers: Pickup, crating/packaging, shipping, storage, delivery, disposal and insurance. Other services can also be requested. 

All Customers are subject to credit approval. ITMASS intends to perform a credit check based on the information provided at the time of enrollment by the Customer. The amount of credit, if any, granted to the Customer is at the sole discretion of ITMASS.

 When paying by credit card or electronic funds, the Customer agrees they will be responsible for all charges payable, including any adjustments, on account of such Customer's shipment. These charges and adjustments, if any, will be automatically debited to the Customer's credit card or bank account.

For customers utilizing approved ITMASS credit lines, all charges are payable in US Dollars and are due and payable fifteen (15) days from the date of billing, and any payment which is past due shall be subject to an additional charge at the rate of 1-1/2% per month of the average outstanding balance due, or the highest rate of interest permitted by applicable law, whichever is less.

All funds received by the ITMASS will be applied to the oldest, invoiced date which is outstanding. Overpayments do not accrue interest and are subject to New Jersey State Law, including the New Jersey Unclaimed Property Act. In the event ITMASS retains an attorney or collection agency to collect unpaid charges or for the enforcement of these Terms and Conditions, all unpaid charges will be subject to a late payment penalty of 33% and the customer shall also be liable for all attorneys and collection agency fees incurred, together with related costs and expenses. All shippers, consignors, consignees, freight forwarders or freight brokers are jointly and severally liable for the freight charges relating to this shipment.

The Customer shall be liable, jointly and severally, for all charges payable on account of such Customer's shipment, storage, disposal or other services including but not limited to transportation, fuel, storage costs and other applicable accessorial charges, including all adjustments issued by the service provider after the service, and all duties, customs assessments, governmental penalties and fines, taxes, and ITMASSís attorney fees and legal costs allocable to this shipment and/or all disputes related thereto. Deliveries refused by the consignee, return freight and possibly other charges will apply and be the responsibility of the customer.

Unless otherwise agreed, Brokers scheduling shipments for clients shall be liable, jointly and severally, for all charges payable on account of such client's shipment. ITMASS shall have a lien on the shipment for all sums due it relating to this shipment or any other amounts owed by Customer. ITMASS reserves the right to amend or adjust the original quoted amount or re-invoice the Customer if the original quoted amount was based upon incorrect information provided at the time of the original quote or if additional services by the service provider were required or otherwise authorized by the Customer to perform the pick up, transportation, storage, delivery and/or disposal therein. Customer is permitted thirty (30) business days from the date of the invoice to dispute any invoiced charges. If ITMASS does not receive a dispute within the allowable thirty (30) business days, the disputed item will be denied by the ITMASS.

Note: As part of the anti-terrorism rules / regulations, inspection of freight that moves cross border (to or from Canada or Mexico) may result in carriers (LTL, TL and Intermodal) applying charges to shipments inspected by US Customs. These random inspections are not known at time of shipment and therefore are excluded from all quotes. Any applicable costs associated with random border inspections will be the responsibility of the customer.  

LTL rates are based on the freight class as determined by the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) and are weight based. LTL pickup dates are not guaranteed.

TL rates are based on Dock Door Pickup/Dock Door Delivery and Shipper Load/Consignee Unload and are state to state and mileage based. Additional fees may apply for charges including but not limited to, Tractor Detention, Trailer Detention, and Driver Assistance. Providing 48-hour notice is given, ITMASS assures coverage of Truckloads within 4 hours of Customer's requested pickup, excluding weekends and holidays, weather or national emergency. Trade show shipments cannot be guaranteed. If ITMASS is unable to fulfill this pledge, we will credit your account $100.00 USD toward your next Truckload.

Truckload cancellations require 24 hour notice to avoid penalty. Once ITMASS has contracted with a service provider to move a truckload shipment, the scheduled load must be tendered to the carrier as requested on the bill of lading at the agreed upon price, or an equipment not used (EON) fee will be assessed.

Air Freight rates are based on the greater of actual or dimensional weight. If an Air Freight shipment contains oversize freight, additional charges and transit days may apply.

Van Line rates are driven by state to state/mileage, weight (actual or density) and commodity/product type.

Flatbed rates are based on equipment type, state to state/mileage and weight. If a flatbed shipment contains oversize freight, additional charges and transit days may apply.

Although ITMASS will make best efforts to coordinate, Pickup dates are not guaranteed.

Shippers Interest Contingent Cargo Liability Insurance
Through the purchase of the quoted cargo insurance, the enrolled customer, shipper or consignee will receive an insurance policy equal to the Declared Value amount entered. FAILURE TO PURCHASE CARGO INSURANCE WILL RESULT IN SHIPPER BEING LIMITED TO RECOVERY PURSUANT TO THE TERMS OF CARRIER'S GENERAL RULES TARIFF.

ITMASS has no responsibility, liability or involvement in the issuance of insurance, the denial of insurance, or in the payment of claims. In the event of cargo loss or damage, the Certificate Holder is to contact the Claim Agent for the carrier immediately. If the loss or damage is apparent, the consignee must note such loss or damage information on the bill of lading/delivery receipt. If the loss or damage is not apparent (concealed), the certificate holder must contact the Claims Agent for the carrier within 3 days after taking delivery. The Certificate Holder is responsible for any deductibles, minimums or processing fees associated with the insurance policy.  

Storage Services

The enrolled customer, shipper or consignee certifies that lots provided to ITMASS or ITMASSí Service Providers does not contain any unauthorized or illegal firearms, weapons, explosives, destructive or flammable devices, illegal substances, liquor, food, plants or any perishable items. ITMASS requires the customer to pay in full the monthly storage charge prior to the start date of the storage. If payment is late, the customer will be charged a late fee of 1.5% per month.  

In general, the customer will not have access to ITMASSí or our Service Providerís secured storage facilities. If access is required, the enrolled customer, shipper or consignee must have written permission from ITMASS. 


ITMASS Offerings:


IT Moving Services: Move IT and electronics the right way with our Custom Moving and Trucking Options, Computers and Electronics Shipping, Industrial and Corporate Relocation Services, Full Domestic and International Equipment Shipping Service, Air Ride Trucking Equipment, Packaging options including Packing and Crating, Bubble Wrap and Blanket Wrap, Custom Transportation Logistics Delivery Options include Same Day, Overnight and Economy Shipping Service, Free Freight Company Quotes and Freight Quote Options, Asset Tracking, Full Logistics Moving Company Services, Shipping Insurance options. Move IT today with ITMASS.


Acer Products and Electronics Moving Services

ADM / Advanced Micro Devices Moving Services

Apple Inc. Moving Services

Beckman Coulter Moving Services

Boston Scientific Moving Services

Canon Printer and Copiers Moving Services

Cisco Moving Services

Copystar Moving Services

Dell Computers Moving Services

Dyonics Moving Services

EMachines Computers Moving Services

Fujitsu Moving Services

Gateway Moving Services

GE Healthcare Moving Services

Gestetner Moving Services

HP / Hewlett Packard Computers Moving Services

IBM Computers Moving Services

Johnson & Johnson Moving Services

Konica Minolta Printers and Copiers Moving Services

Kyocera Mita Moving Services

Lanier Moving Services

Medtronics Moving Services

Mindray Moving Services


NEC Computers Moving Services

Nortel Products Moving Services

Oki Printing Solutions Moving Services

Panasonic Electronics Moving Services

Philips Electronics Moving Services

Rex-Rotary Moving Services

Ricoh Printers and Copiers Moving Services

Samsung Electronics Moving Services

Savin Moving Services

Sharp Electronics Moving Services

Siemens AG Moving Services

Skytron Moving Services

Sony Electronics Moving Services

Spacelabs Healthcare Moving Services

St. Jude Medical Products Moving Services

Storz Moving Services

Sun Microsystems Servers and Computers Moving Services

Stryker Moving Services

TallyGenicom Moving Services

Toshiba Electronics Moving Services

Xerox Printers and Copiers Moving Services


IT Storage Services: Over 120 Nationwide warehouse and storage facilities for Computer Equipment and Electronics, Multiple Warehousing and Storage Solutions, Equipment Packaging options including custom Packing and Crating , Storage moving, Nationwide Storage facilities staging management, Consolidation Center Services, Long Term Storage, Short Term Storage, Container Options, Multiple Pickup and Trucking Options, Redelivery Options for IT equipment and Computers, Packing and Crating, Warehouse Security, Warehouse to warehouse logistics moving, Free storage quotes.


Acer Products and Electronics Storage Services

ADM / Advanced Micro Devices Storage Services

Apple Inc. Storage Services

Beckman Coulter Storage Services

Boston Scientific Storage Services

Canon Printers and Copiers Storage Services

Cisco Storage Services Storage Services

Copystar Storage Services

Dell Computers Storage Services

Dyonics Storage Services

EMachines Computers Storage Services

Fujitsu Storage Services

Gateway Storage Services

GE Healthcare Storage Services

Gestetner Storage Services

HP / Hewlett Packard Computers Storage Services

IBM Computers Storage Services

Johnson & Johnson Storage Services

Konica Minolta Printers and Copiers Storage Services

Kyocera Mita Printers and Copiers Storage Services

Lanier Storage Services

Medtronics Storage Services

Mindray Storage Services


NEC Computers Storage Services

Nortel Products Storage Services

Oki Printing Solutions Storage Services

Panasonic Electronics Storage Services

Philips Electronics Storage Services

Rex-Rotary Storage Services

Ricoh Printers and Copiers Storage Services

Samsung Electronics Storage Services

Savin Storage Services

Sharp Electronics Storage Services

Siemens Storage Services

Skytron Storage Services

Sony Electronics Storage Services

Spacelabs Healthcare Storage Services

St. Jude Medical Products Storage Services

Storz Storage Services

Sun Microsystems Servers and Computers Storage Services

Stryker Storage Services

TallyGenicom Storage Services

Toshiba Electronics Storage Services

Xerox Printers and Copiers Storage Services



IT Recycling / Disposal Services: Computer Disposal, Recycling, Asset tracking, Used Computer Resale, Used Equipment Resale, Used Heavy Equipment Resale, Container and Container Packing Options, Used Medical Equipment Resale, Used Printing Equipment Resale, Computer Recycling including Used Computers & Used Computer Parts, Multiple Pickup and Trucking Options, Logistic management, Asset Liquidation Services, Computer Monitor Disposal, Computer Recycling Data Wipe Services, Free Disposal Quotes.

Acer Products and Electronics Recycling / Disposal

ADM / Advanced Micro Devices Recycling / Disposal

Apple Inc. Recycling / Disposal

Beckman Coulter Recycling / Disposal

Boston Scientific Recycling / Disposal

Canon Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal

Cisco Recycling / Disposal

Copystar Recycling / Disposal

Dell Computers Recycling / Disposal

Dyonics Recycling / Disposal

EMachines Computers Recycling / Disposal

Fujitsu Recycling / Disposal

Gateway Recycling / Disposal

GE Healthcare Recycling / Disposal

Gestetner Recycling / Disposal

HP / Hewlett Packard Computers Recycling / Disposal

IBM Computers Recycling / Disposal

Johnson & Johnson Recycling / Disposal

Konica Minolta Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal

Kyocera Mita Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal

Lanier Recycling / Disposal

Medtronics Recycling / Disposal

Mindray Recycling / Disposal

NEC Computers Recycling / Disposal

Nortel Products Recycling / Disposal

Oki Printing Solutions Recycling / Disposal

Panasonic Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Philips Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Rex-Rotary Recycling / Disposal Service

Ricoh Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal

Samsung Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Savin Recycling / Disposal

Sharp Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Siemens Recycling / Disposal

Skytron Recycling / Disposal

Sony Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Spacelabs Healthcare Recycling / Disposal

St. Jude Medical Products Recycling / Disposal

Storz Recycling / Disposal

Sun Microsystems Servers and Computers Recycling / Disposal 

Stryker Recycling / Disposal

TallyGenicom Recycling / Disposal

Toshiba Electronics Recycling / Disposal

Xerox Printers and Copiers Recycling / Disposal


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